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Fuyoooh Egg

‘芙蓉蛋’ (Fúróng dàn) is an authentic Cantonese egg dish. Fluffy eggs omelette promising a satisfying experience.


Pondok Special Chicken Wings

Indulge in our perfectly seasoned and crispy chicken wings, served hot and ready to satisfy your cravings.


Housemade Mantao (3pcs)

Fluffy fried-mantao, perfect pairing with our crab dishes sauce, all made in-house.


Grilled Smoked Duck With Mango Salsa

Must Try!

Grilled smoked duck breast, sliced and served with sweet mango salsa.


Pondok Special Fried Rice

Fried rice with small prawns, carrots, eggs, and long beans infused with wok hei for a truly irresistible dish.


Basmathi Rice (1pax)

Long-grain Basmathi rice, making it the perfect accompaniment to a wide array of our dishes.