Our Chefs

Chef Saiful

Chef Saiful, the Executive Head Chef at Pondok Ketam Viral, brings a wealth of experience from prestigious hotels. Known for his ability to blend traditional flavors with innovative techniques, he constantly explores new dishes to delight our diners. Chef Saiful highly recommends his Buttermilk Crabs and Kam Heong Prawns. Not only does he have a talent for cooking, but he also has green fingers, enjoying gardening in his free time alongside spending quality moments with his family.

Chef Bob

Chef Bob has been honing his culinary skills since 2010, with a passion for Malay cuisine. He recommends trying his Spanish Blackpepper Crabs Al Aljillo, Siakap Ikan Bakar Cili Kampung, and his unique sambal platter featuring six distinct sambals. Outside the kitchen, Chef Bob loves camping, fishing, and appreciating the beauty of flora and fauna.

Chef Amirul

Chef Amirul is a rising star at Pondok Ketam Viral, known for his expertise in traditional Malay comfort food. His leadership in the kitchen has earned him great respect. Chef Amirul recommends the Signature Chilli Crabs, Salted Egg Crabs, and Sotong Rapuh. In his free time, he finds joy in cooking for his family and maintaining a well-kept house, demonstrating his dedication both at work and at home.

Chef Ihsan

Young and talented, Chef Ihsan is quickly becoming a key figure at Pondok Ketam Viral. A master of paste making, he ensures the consistency and quality of our dishes. His dedication and leadership shine through in every dish he creates. Chef Ihsan recommends our Award-Winning Siakap Laksa Siam with Mee Sua, Signature Chilli Crabs, and Daging Bakar Terasi. When he’s not in the kitchen, he enjoys playing badminton and reading motorcycle magazines.