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Seafood and Crab Delivery Is The Solution To Your Busy Nights

14 Jun 2024 | Blog

Yup, you’re probably swamped with the 9 to 5 grind, stuck in endless traffic jams, or crammed like sardines in the LRT. After all that, the last thing you want to do is spend your evening in the kitchen.

But what if I told you there’s a way to enjoy delicious, restaurant-quality meals without lifting a finger? Introducing seafood and crab delivery from Pondok Ketam – your saviour on busy nights!

Your Favourite Seafood and Crab Delivery Restaurant

At Pondok Ketam, we deliver seafood and crab so delicious, you’ll want to tell your neighbours, friends, and family that you cooked it yourself. Why? Because it’s a total flex!

Our delivery menu is packed with mouthwatering seafood delights and crab dishes that are perfect for any gathering or a cosy dinner at home.

Imagine serving up our freshly grilled Ikan Siakap Sambal Cili Kampung and watching your friends’ jaws drop as you casually mention the secret blend of spices you (ahem, we) used. They’ll be convinced you’re a culinary genius, and we won’t tell if you don’t!


Dive Into “Your” Seafood Delivery Menu

Our seafood delivery offerings from https://pondokketam.menu/delivery/ are a cut above the rest, featuring unique twists that will make your friend’s taste buds dance.

Take the Ikan Siakap dishes, for example. Impress your friends by telling them how you serve it with Mee Sua, instead of the usual laksa or spaghetti, adding a unique twist to your dish.

Imagine your guests indulging in ‘your’ award-winning Siakap Laksa Siam, where a whole Ikan Siakap is served in Siam Style, offering a perfect blend of spicy and tangy flavours. Or, how about the Siakap Diraja, deep-fried and cooked in traditional Pahang style with Mee Sua, delivering a sweet and savoury taste that’s simply irresistible?

If you have kids who don’t like to fuss around with bones, the Buttermilk Fish Fillet and Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet are perfect choices. Both are deep-fried to perfection, coated with rich, creamy sauces, and simple to eat (and prepare!).


Your prawn dishes are just as spectacular. For even more of a fiery kick, serve your Tiger Prawn Masak Lomak, a Negeri Sembilan style dish served in thick turmeric gravy. 

Your Salted Egg Sotong will be an all-time favourite, offering a decadent experience with rich, homemade salted egg yolk sauce generously doused over perfectly cooked squid.

Crab Delivery Menu That’ll Make You Want to Take All the Credit

Now, let’s talk about our crab delivery menu from https://pondokketam.menu/delivery/ – after all, we are Pondok Ketam (but don’t tell them it’s from us!).

Your Signature Chilli Crab pairs perfectly with freshly made steamed or fried mantou, creating a delightful balance of spicy and sweet flavours.

While our Kam Heong Crab, (which was featured on Tatler by the way) combines dried shrimp and spices for a unique, flavorful dish.


Why Order Pondok Ketam Seafood And Crab Delivery?

Sometimes, all you need is for your food to come to you, fully cooked and delicious, ready to be devoured. With Pondok Ketam’s Seafood & Crab Delivery, you can turn any busy night into a delicious, stress-free meal. So, go ahead, take the credit, and bask in the glory of your family’s and friends’ admiration. They’ll never guess it was delivered!


Place your order today at https://pondokketam.menu/delivery/ and enjoy a feast of flavours at your convenience.

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